Metal Clay

Metal Clay


Metal clay is a unique material that originated in Japan in 1990. When microscopic metal particles are mixed with an organic binder, the result is a material that feels and works much like traditional dirt clay. Metal clay can easily be rolled into slabs, coils, and balls. Other techniques include texturing and pressing into readymade or custom molds.

High school students learned molding and template-making techniques and used skills learned in traditional clay forming. This class offered a STEAM learning opportunity to use science skills in thermodynamics and chemical reactions. The students were amazed that they could witness this physical transformation from clay to metal, as they first worked the clay with their hands and then fired it using butane torches and observational skills.

This fun and magical material is manufactured in Copper, Bronze, White Bronze, Sterling, Fine Silver, and Gold.

Current classes are working with Copper clay. All workshops use the torch-firing technique as torch firing allows students to witness the magic of the sintering of the particles as they create a solid metal. (Other materials are available on request)

Let your imagination run free!

Metal Clay classes and Artist in the Schools residencies are available for 2023-2024

Email for information and to set a date