Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day


April 28, 2019

Thank you for the support of the community for a successful Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day event.

This free event was limited to 20 people. Because of the popularity of the event, we were over subscribed. For those who were wait listed, we will contact you first for next years event. If you are interested in next years event please contact us to be put on our events notification list.

Kauai joined with photographers around the world to celebrate the art of pinhole photography.

Participants ranging from 6th grade to adult, gathered for the initial lesson and then into the darkroom where photographer Dean Wakamoto taught us how to develop our pictures by moving them from tray to tray, from developer, to stop bath, to fixer.

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Photographs from the day

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2019 Hawaii portfolio

Patricia Brown

Serge Marcil

Loren Weiner

Jill Weiner

Penny Nichols

Kim Schafer

Mary Nakamura